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Playing 4 Keeps™ leads the gaming world with the only instructional program offering the distinct and unique disciplines of "Applied Metaphysics". Michael Vernon delivers his proven, winning strategy secrets, for casino Craps, Poker, and Blackjack. Playing 4 Keeps™ is not just about the strategic plays for Craps and Blackjack that every successful player should know. Playing 4 Keepsprovides players with esoteric, ancient wisdoms; the hidden information behind the "veil". By peering into another dimension with one's perception, you can tap into the energy found there to reveal subtle information. Applied metaphysics is unique to Playing 4 Keeps™ which separates P4K by leaps and bounds, beyond any other gambling method advertised. Are you looking for consistent winning sessions? Maybe you should be Playing 4 Keeps™.


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Michael Vernon "The Professor" will show you how to possess this powerful edge in any of his P4K gaming programs. You will learn how to "peer" into other dimensions, and "perceive" the subtle information which provides an extraordinary edge for your gaming experience.


Like What...

"I teach the best methods for winning and something else much too important to ignore. I can teach you the esoteric principles of applied metaphysics to use in live casino games. Lessons handed down to me during my years of training and study. In addition to the metaphysical aspects comes the undeniable insight, gambling skills, and strategies that I know to be true, confirmed with 23 years of table gaming experience. OnlineCasinos.co.uk offers game guides, gaming tips, casino reviews and a top list of the best online casinos in the UK.

It’s not gambling when you are Playing 4 Keeps™

Nothing Deep Here...

"Being successful at gambling requires knowledge and experience. Throwing chips and money around without thinking won't get you anywhere in the long term. Whether it's dice games or poker (Texas Hold'em being the most popular), you need to take time to learn from others to improve your game. However, some games like slots are just luck (see this page for online options), but are still fun to play!" With my applied instructional program you’ll be able to massively increase your winning chances whether at a land based Las Vegas casino, or playing at a reputable online casino. My program will give you the balance you need when choosing your play and bets at the craps or blackjack tables.

Where the Physical Game Meets the Metaphysical Edge


The arena of a casino lies a marvelous learning environment where life lessons are reflected within the microcosm the casino's illusions. It is within a casino that the emotions and impulses are freely expressed by gamblers from all walks of life. In particular, it is where you can witness the expression of energy and the metaphysical elements of human nature, reveled in a game of chance.


The Winners and Losers, the High Rollers, and the Average Joes all come face to face with their own raw emotions, knowledge, and ability. Fueled by their passion, they come to the game hoping to win. All of which is mirrored back as a stark confirmation of what they bring to the game. Their strengths, their weaknesses, and especially their energy, all factors for the end result of having played the game.


Playing 4 Keeps™ holds a greater purpose in its design, and is not limited to the goals of gambling and playing to win. The greater benefit comes when you truly understands how to employ a complete approach to the game. Whether it is playing blackjack, craps, or poker, the end goal manifests an empowered individual. Without doubt, the ultimate winner is not only served within a casino. There is something far more important...the game of life.


Michael Vernon presents his gambling lessons backed up by his 23 years of gaming experience. No doubt, there are countless approaches to consider when it comes to gambling. The question to answer is which one is the best? The answer is simple. Playing 4 Keeps™! The reason why the answer is simple has to do with the metaphysical principles delivered within Michael's gaming programs. Woven within the teachings, you follow the message which resides within the energy. Following the path of energy guides you to your true winning path. As in life, so it is in the casino, the path you walk upon is the one of your choosing. Which path do you choose? Successful people chose Playing 4 Keeps™.


I recently bought your book, “Do’s and Don’ts of Dice”, and I wanted to tell you that I really liked it, not only for the methods it teaches (SDR and P4K betting, money management and dice setting), but also for the “unseen dimension” and energy flows.  I had never thought of trying to tap into energy in this way to perceive the future outcome of a roll of the dice or to get a “sense” of the prevailing energy to see if it supports a positive outcome in the game (like winning more than losing!)

K. P. Fremont, CA

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who purchased the P4K Playbook

Playing 4 Keeps

Where the Physical Game Meets the Metaphysical Advantage!


Playing 4 Keeps™ is not a slick and fancy collections of gimmicks. It is not a concocted scheme that sounds good or a phony unobtainable system with complicated strategies that looks great only on paper. P4K is the real deal. Best of all it is not priced at thousands of dollars. What you will receive with P4K is the result of Michael's continuous research, and study, along with countless hours of successful casino play. In short, Playing 4 Keeps  is about minimizing risk, and playing for the maximum gain.


You have within your grasp, published in the pages of this web site, a well thought out plan for consistent results that are mathematically based. You also will discover a hidden advantage that only metaphysics can explain. This esoteric concept is not taught or presented by any other gambling instructor. No other gambling instructor comes close to Michael's authority combines the subjects of energy, metaphysics, and gambling strategies.


Why Metaphysical Lessons in a Casino?


Michael Vernon began his metaphysical training thirty years ago. Sixteen of those years he trained as the confidant of a world renowned metaphysical author and lecturer. (Stuart Wilde) Michael’s former publishing company, White Dove International, published metaphysical books, audio programs, videos, music CD's, and newsletters. In addition, Michael and his wife, Lin, produced spiritual seminars: Warriors in the Mist, Warriors Wisdom, and Easy Money Mongolian Blackjack.


Rooted in these times of metaphysical discovery, and gaming applications, Michael Vernon delivers unquestionably unique lessons for today’s player. Playing 4 Keeps™ is intended to enhance, and empower the lives of those individuals looking for more out of life.


It truly teaches how to ensure a royal casino experience every time you play.


It is not by any accident that you are here, bookmark this page. Come back often and take time to read all of Michal's articles, and the Playing 4 Keeps™ Newsletter. If you seek answers for the best way to play and win, you have arrived. Playing 4 Keeps™ is it. Welcome to the game!



I received your book this past week-end and I have read it with great interest.   I like the SDR approach to gambling and especially like the 6/8 progression when these numbers are in a repeating phase.  I have been testing them for several days now and  have found that it does manage the bankroll better than anything I tried before. 


Also, if you have any recommended reading on the metaphysical aspects of your teaching.  I would like to improve my skills in this area.  I can see how knowing what the energy is around the table would be a huge advantage to the game.  I also can see this applied to the electronic craps games that we enjoyed on our last visit to Las Vegas. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


J. B.

Houston, Texas


Canadian visitors can find recommended casinos at online-casinos-canada.

Joel Galin the chief editor of the site has reviewed a number of casinos all of which offer craps tables with wagering counting towards the welcome bonus play-through requirement.


Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.


Playing 4 Keeps™

Now Available In Pueblo West, Colorado

~ Colorado Gaming Lessons ~

Dice and Blackjack



What Game Do You Want To Learn?


Craps Lessons   ~   Texas Hold'em   ~   Blackjack Lessons


Michael, thank you for the poker and metaphysical lessons. They were fun and informative. I felt that they will help my poker game next time I play. That was a good deal.

I won another sports bet after you left so I paid for your class that way.

See you soon one day. Craig - 4/2012


...Basic strategy is math proven to be the best decision for playing any two cards against the specified dealer’s up card. You must think in terms of playing blackjack over the long haul. It is the best way to play the hand based on the probability of an outcome with the randomness of the 52 cards and the propensity of that outcome to occur. Mastering basic strategy is the foundation for everything else that follows, if you are to become an expert of the game.

Excerpt from, Blackjack for Winners



If there is something wrong with your Craps Game...

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Dice Busters!

Join Them in Las Vegas!


June 21st, 2014

What Players Say About Michael Vernon...


After finding "The Professor" on the web, we began by exchanging emails and subsequently phone calls. I liked what I was hearing enough to "GAMBLE" the cost of a few hours tuition as well as my travel costs. When I arrived at Michael's home, I already had a very good understanding of craps itself and dice setting in general. I had studied dozens of books and already built a nice practice rig at home. Additionally I understood the various bets on the table, had developed my own preferred methods of betting, setting and tossing. Now, I may have been well studied - but I fully admit I was definitely not too widely experienced in the real casino environment. My hope was that my time with Michael would confirm I was on the right track and ready for some successful live action.


Perhaps you have had the following experience, as I have had many times. You are sitting in some day long seminar - saying to yourself, "I know all this stuff - what am I doing here?" Then suddenly...BAM! The presenter drops what I call a "pearl" that hits home and sinks in. These little pearls of wisdom are why we should never forget, "You can learn SOMETHING from everyone." Michael gave me perhaps 3-4 pearls during our time together. He showed me how to "anchor" my tossing hand so I could build better consistency in my tosses. This has been of enormous value to date. He tweaked my preferred method of betting adding in to the mix the best way to handle pass line wins. I have already hit 4 great wins with this adjustment to my play. Michael exposed me to the metaphysical side of the game that I was not even paying attention to. In the most basic terms, he taught me to be AWARE of what is happening and what is ABOUT to happen. And lastly - he gave me INTENT. I quote his own words here from an email I received from him, " Results come from consistency, belief, confidence and intention." Thanks to Michael I now have the INTENT to influence the dice every time I toss. And that intention and confidence is paying dividends. Over my last six sessions of live casino play - I have won $3200 - (over $2200 in one amazing session alone, while I was tossing the dice) - and that is using $10 starting pass line bets - just wagering properly and intelligently. Is that just dumb luck? Or perhaps was it my INTENTION to win?


Warmest regards, 

Kevin H.


“First, allow me to salute you sir for your effort in providing a hard hitting no nonsense depictions regarding various plays. Regarding the subject of craps I've acquired various books from some twenty plus authors and I will say to you that your Do's and Don'ts playbook would be ranked at the top of the books heralded for the serious player. I sure would be honored to shake your hand one day. Thank you Michal, thank you so very, very much.” Respectfully yours, John B.


Michael, what a great trip I had yesterday. I went up and played for only a few hours and took almost 2x my session units home at one casino and a fair amount at another. I did what you recommended and walked the casinos, then picked one and played for 1 hour, walked some more and played another 1.5 hours at another casino, almost the entire extra .5 hrs being my roll (busy table and over 14 rolls -- I lost count).


My rolls are getting better, naturals come more often on come out and box numbers seem to stick with inside numbers with the dice setting you showed me (6 on the side, not the paper chart). I've changed up the basic betting strategy you showed me and stick to playing in units. I made my win potential just a bit smaller but at the same time gave myself more time to play. I might do this until I can increase my bankroll to a comfortable amount. So like you said, find a strategy that I'm comfortable with, play within my bankroll and enjoy the wins. Stack and Rack is perfect!


Thank you for helping me improve my game, I think I've got a good future in playing craps for fun. Now just to build out my table and get more practice in." Jason M. ~ Colorado

Mr. Vernon, Just a note to say thanks for the "Chronicles". I read them with great interest there were some good things that apply to my game. I'm definitely a under funded player, I play craps at the Horseshoe in Cleveland and their table minimum is $15, which is way too steep. But using the P4K I can at least enjoy a chance to play and if I can find the "hot shooter" I've racked up some nice wins. Following the energy, when the table is cold, I go home early.

I really am interested in applying the metaphysical approach. I'm reading some books by your friend Stuart Wilde, what a great mind. I will be trying to apply the concepts. When I make the big hit I would like to try one of your dice seminars. Thanks again, Bill

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