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Playing 4 Keeps leads the gaming world with the only instructional program offering the distinct and unique disciplines of "Applied Metaphysics". Michael Vernon delivers his proven, winning strategy secrets, for casino Craps, Poker, and Blackjack. Playing 4 Keeps is not just about the strategic plays for Craps and Blackjack that every successful player should know. Playing 4 Keepsprovides players with esoteric, ancient wisdoms; the hidden information behind the "veil". By peering into another dimension with one's perception, you can tap into the energy found there to reveal subtle information. Applied metaphysics is unique to Playing 4 Keeps which separates P4K by leaps and bounds, beyond any other gambling method advertised. Are you looking for consistent winning sessions? Maybe you should be Playing 4 Keeps.


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Michael Vernon "The Professor" will show you how to possess this powerful edge in any of his P4K gaming programs. You will learn how to "peer" into other dimensions and "perceive" the subtle information which provides an extraordinary edge for your gaming experience.


Like What...

"I teach the best methods for winning and something else much too important to ignore. I can teach you the esoteric principles of applied metaphysics to use in live casino games. Lessons handed down to me during my years of training and study with Stuart Wilde. In addition to the metaphysical aspects comes the undeniable insight, gambling skills, and strategies that I know to be true, confirmed with 25 years of gaming experience.


OnlineCasinos.co.uk offers game guides, gaming tips, casino reviews and a top list of the best online casinos in the UK.

It's not gambling when you are Playing 4 Keeps

Nothing Deep Here...


"Being successful at gambling requires knowledge and experience. Throwing chips and money around without thinking won't get you very far in the long run. Whether it's a craps game or blackjack, your success hinges on your investment in knowledge, learning how to improve your game. With my P4K instructional programs, using applied metaphysics, you'll be able to massively increase your chances of winning.


My program will give you the balance you need when choosing your play and bets at the craps or blackjack tables. Want to know where to play blackjack online to try Playing4keeps? Take a look at https://www.online-casino.ca blackjack page and see what trusted Canadian casinos there are to play blackjack.


Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the latest article regarding "Table Manners" by the Professor. I agree totally with his points and wish all others would be forced to read this when entering a game.  Common courtesy is a major issue. Thanks for the great article!  Mike from Canada

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It is not by accident that you have arrived. Happenstance or coincidences does not explain the attraction of like energies. Like magnets that click together, the forces of two thought forms or ideas, are drawn together by the law of metaphysical attraction. Intention, which affirms a goal, attracts the goal. If you are looking for esoteric strategies for winning, your search is over.


Winning is not just for casino games, but for the game of life. Playing 4 Keeps employs secret metaphysical principles which you can use in any game of chance, and in life. Michael "The Professor" Vernon, is the only gaming instructor sharing the secrets of metaphysical energy which can influence your results in a game. Michael can teach you to recognize how "energy" can provide you with advanced information about the game you are playing. For example, when to get in and when to get out of the game.

I recently bought your book, "Do's and Don'ts of Dice", and I wanted to tell you that I really liked it, not only for the methods it teaches (SDR and P4K betting, money management and dice setting), but also for the "unseen dimension" and energy flows.  I had never thought of trying to tap into energy in this way to perceive the future outcome of a roll of the dice or to get a "sense" of the prevailing energy to see if it supports a positive outcome in the game (like winning more than losing!)

K. P. Fremont, CA



Read Reviews from others who have purchased the

Do's and Don'ts of Dice Playbook


Hello Michael,

I have to say though, as I was reading some of your articles that you wrote, you explain yourself very clearly. That was one of the main reasons why I purchased your playbook. Sending you a big "THANK YOU!" in advance for all your research, lessons, and help on playing the game of craps.  Keep up the good work. A thankful customer, Andrew 

There are many online casinos out there to choose from however if you are looking for bonuses in the UK we recommend metro casino, you can read a review of metro casino here and join today.

When it comes to Playing 4 Keeps - Luck has nothing to do with it!


Playing 4 Keeps is not a slick collection of gimmicks that only sounds good with phony unobtainable complicated strategies. P4K is user friendly making it the real deal. Best of all it is not priced at thousands of dollars. What you will receive with P4K is the result of Michael's continuous research, and study, along with countless hours of successful casino play. In short, Playing 4 Keeps  is about minimizing your risk and maximizing your opportunities for the ultimate gaming experience.


You have within your grasp, published in the pages of this web site, a well thought out plan for consistent results that are mathematically based. You also will discover a hidden advantage that only metaphysics can explain. This esoteric concept is not taught or presented by any other gambling instructor. No other gambling instructor comes close to Michael's authority combining the subjects of energy, metaphysics, perception, and gambling strategies.


Why Metaphysical Lessons in a Casino?


Michael Vernon began his metaphysical training thirty years ago. Sixteen of those years he severed as the confidant of a world renowned metaphysical author and lecturer, Stuart Wilde.


Michael's former publishing company, White Dove International, published metaphysical books, audio programs, videos, music CD's, and newsletters. In addition, Michael and his wife, Lin, produced spiritual seminars: Warriors in the Mist, Warriors Wisdom, and Easy Money Mongolian Blackjack.


Rooted in these times of metaphysical discovery, and gaming applications, Michael Vernon delivers unquestionably unique lessons for today's player. Playing 4 Keeps is intended to enhance, and empower the lives of those individuals seeking for more answers out of life.


It truly teaches how to ensure a royal casino experience every time you play.


It is by no accident that you found your way here, bookmark this page. Come back often and take time to read all of Michael's articles, and the Playing 4 Keeps Newsletter. If you seek the answers for the best way to play and win, you have arrived. Now your are Playing 4 Keeps. Welcome to the game, my friend!



I received your playbook this past week-end and I have read it with great interest.   I like the SDR approach to gambling and especially like the 6/8 progression when these numbers are in a repeating phase.  I have been testing them for several days now and  have found that it does manage the bankroll better than anything I tried before. 


Also, if you have any recommended reading on the metaphysical aspects of your teaching.  I would like to improve my skills in this area.  I can see how knowing what the energy is around the table would be a huge advantage to the game.  I also can see this applied to the electronic craps games that we enjoyed on our last visit to Las Vegas. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


J. B.

Houston, Texas


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Playing 4 Keeps

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Michael, thank you for the poker and metaphysical lessons. They were fun and informative. I felt that they will help my poker game next time I play. That was a good deal.

I won another sports bet after you left so I paid for your class that way.

See you soon one day. Craig P.


...Basic strategy is math proven to be the best decision for playing any two cards against the specified dealer's up card. You must think in terms of playing blackjack over a life time of cards. It is the best way to play a given hand based on the probability of an outcome with the randomness of the 52 cards and the propensity of that outcome to occur. Mastering basic strategy is the foundation for everything else that follows, if you are to become an expert of the game. (Excerpt from, Blackjack for Winners )



When it comes to gambling, blackjack or craps, it's your money.

Shouldn't you be Playing 4 Keeps


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